14 genius dusting hacks that will save you time

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Does anyone else have an irrational aversion to dusting? It’s not the hardest or most time consuming chore, but I usually tend to put it off for longer than I should. But not anymore, thanks to the amazing tips I’ll be sharing with you today! I have 14 totally brilliant dusting hacks that are sure to save you plenty of time during your next dusting session. But I should warn you that we’ll be venturing beyond the bounds of normal dusting methods. Instead of feather dusters, we’ll be using innovative dusting tools like tongs, pillowcases, a slice of bread, and more!

Have I piqued your interest yet? 😉 Then let’s get to it!

14 Genius Dusting Hacks

1. Use Fuzzy Socks To Sweep

The Swiffer Sweeper makes it easy to sweep up everyday dust and dirt, but the sweeper pad refills are expensive! But you don’t actually need them, because a fuzzy sock works just as well! Just pull the sock over the base of your sweeper, and sweep away. When you’re done, just toss it in with the rest of your laundry to clean it. Easy!

2. Use Tongs To Dust Blinds

Dusting each slat of your window blinds by hand takes forever! You can make the process much quicker by using a pair of tongs from your kitchen. Wrap a clean microfiber cloth around the edges of your tongs, and secure them using rubber bands. Then use your dusting tongs to dust your blinds twice as fast!

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