15 Adorable Dog Breeds Created By Humans

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Man and his canine companion in the dog have lived side by side and worked together for thousands of years. And throughout these gentle animals, lifetime’s they’ve been bred for a variety of purposes from hunting to protective reasons but, as the world has shifted and resources have become more readily available we’ve also modified the purposes of our canine friends for our own reasons. Now, we have a variety of manmade breeds that we’d thought would never walk the earth. With that being said, check out these adorable dog breeds created by humans.

First & Foremost…

First and foremost, we wouldn’t recommend that you try to cross breed any type of dog and if you’re in search of any of the breeds featured you should contact a professional breeder. Also, messing with the genetic makeup of any animal isn’t the greatest idea.

One More Thing!

Modifying a dog’s genetic makeup could lead to extreme health and mental issues of the current litter and future litters of these gentle animals. They’re man’s best friend and we should treat them as such. They’re not just here for our amusements, they too have stock in this vast universe. Now, that that’s out of the way… Let’s get to some cuteness!
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