15 Easy Beauty Hacks That’ll Stop You From Spending Your Life Savings At Sephora

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Whether you’re a makeup junkie or not, I’m sure we can all agree that makeup ain’t cheap. Every time I splurge, it feels like I die a little inside.

To put it in perspective, around $70 will get you one Chanel foundation, or roughly 55 McChicken sandwiches, 17 Starbucks lattes, or 45 avocados.

Anyways, you get the point: makeup is hella expensive. Fortunately, there are a ton of makeup hacks out there for when you’re feeling broke and/or cheap.

1. Remove the plastic stopper on wand-applicator products to use every last bit.

Stop being lazy and try this out. Yes, it may take five minutes away from your life, but in return, you will get at least one more application.

2. Wet an angle brush with setting spray before you apply brow powder to mimic a high-end brow gel.

Your brows don’t know the difference between $10 brow powder and $40 brow gel. Try this hack on powders to mimic a gel effect.

3. Extend the life of an expensive foundation by turning it into a tinted moisturizer.

Sometimes we need more coverage, but packing on foundation can end up looking awful (hi, cakeface). Mix expensive foundation with moisturizer for a custom tinted moisturizer.

4. Cut open products that come in tubes to get the last of what’s inside.

Have no shame in cutting open product tubes to get the last little bit. People don’t get rich by being wasteful — they do by saving!

5. Only pay high-end prices for specific products.

There are literally so many drugstore products, like palettes, that are amazing. Although, when it comes to items like foundation or concealer, you should splurge.

6. Make certain products dual-purpose, like using eyeshadow as highlighter.

Sometimes unexpected products can be multipurpose. A shimmery eyeshadow can be used as a highlighter and a lipstick as a cream blush.

7. Do your research, and scope out cheaper versions before spending a lot.

For example, there are so many successful beauty blender alternatives that actually work. This one is for all the people out there who just aren’t willing to spend $26 on a sponge.

8. Use alcohol to fix broken powder and palettes.

When I accidentally shatter one of my compacts, it’s like my soul shatters along with it. This quick trick with rubbing alcohol will fix broken powders.

9. Soak mascara tubes in hot water to get the last swipe.

Is your mascara tube looking a little dry and crusty? Soaking it in hot water will loosen any leftover mascara stuck to the sides.

10. Subscribe to a beauty box to try new products.

If buying new makeup is as bad as your caffeine addiction, then you should subscribe to a box. You get to try new products every month, with a price tag that’s set in stone.

11. Create new lipstick shades by blending colors together.

Instead of buying a new lipstick, try swatching what you already have on your hand or wrist to create new shades. Simply apply with a lip brush.

12. Use concealer instead of eyeshadow primer.

I literally have never or will ever purchase an eyeshadow primer. It just seems like a waste…especially when you can use concealer in its place.

13. Set your eyebrows with soap.

Yes, you heard right, I said soap! Simply wet a clear bar of soap with some water and rub a spoolie through it… Voila! Long-lasting brows that stay in place.

14. Swap out full-sized products for travel minis.

This hack works especially well for mascara, as most expire after three months, but it’s also a great way to purchase products you don’t use a lot.

15. Melt broken lipstick back together like magic.

There’s nothing more depressing than a broken, barely-used lipstick…but wait! That lipstick you took for granted can be resurrected by melting it back together. #Bless

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