15 Ingenious Duct Tape Hacks That Everyone Needs In Their Lives Right Now

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Invented during World War II, duct tape started with a simple purpose: keep water out of ammunition cases. Today, most people probably couldn’t tell what the intended purpose of the stuff is. But somehow that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most useful instruments around.

Indeed, duct tape has evolved over the decades as people have devised uses for the sturdy silver tape that would make your head spin. From simple fixes to everyday problems to arts-and-crafts projects, duct tape’s many uses are almost impossible to count. Here are 20 you may have never considered!

1. Make a pencil case: For a kid, heading back to school after a long summer can be equivalent to receiving a life sentence in prison. Get the kids—or yourself—pumped up for the new school year with by decorating zip-lock bags with colorful duct tape to make pencil pouches!

2. Create makeshift stencils: In the shirt-making game? Layer a printout of whatever you want stenciled on a T-shirt over duct tape, then cut it out to make a duct-tape stencil. Then, you can use it with markers or paint to make the perfect T-shirt design!

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