8 Helpful Hacks For Short People

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If you’re short, you know that there are special difficulties you have to deal with in daily life. As a short guy myself, I secretly look for ways to boost the perception that I’m taller. There are a surprising number of tricks that you can play with your fashion or photography that dramatically changes how tall you look. You may be doubtful but after you read these you’ll be a believer.
Here are eight hacks to give a helping hand to the short people among us.
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Let’s face it: you know it if you’re short. There are a whole host of issues you most likely have to deal with.

Is it annoying to you to get lost in a group selfie or to muster up the courage to ask a stranger to get something off a high shelf? Well, we have your back…

1. One clever trick is to never take a picture of yourself vertically. Always go with a landscape shot!

In this day and age, someone’s first impression of you is likely to be in the social media realm. Without a frame of reference that includes your feet, no one can judge your height.

2. Wearing booties can be a great way to put on a few inches while not being too drastic with your footwear.

You don’t need tall heels – just a little boost will do.

They definitely get better, though…

3. Men and women on the short side can style their hair to increase their height by a few inches.

Hair cuts that are short on the sides and long on the top can help you achieve this.

4. When taking group pictures, get on your tip toes!

Be sure to lean back when tip toeing as slouching forward is a giveaway that you’re on your toes.

5. For women, one way to make your legs appear longer is to wear high-waisted pants.

Hey, perception is everything.

These are pretty clever, right?

I would say the next few hacks are even better, though…

6. Body posture is huge when you are short. At least use the height you’ve been given!

Slouching or leaning back can instantly take off a few inches, if not more, from your height.

7. Wear darker colors – they slim and lengthen. You don’t have to go full black all the time, though.

8. If you’re going to wear striped shirts, always go with vertical stripes (up and down).

This also increases the perception of extra height and even weight.

There you have it, a bunch of tips to help the short ones among us!

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