9 Reasons Why Hedgehogs May Just Be the Cutest Animals Ever

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There is definitely some contention about which animal is the most squee-worthy — and trust me, it is definitely close. But, despite how adorable puppies, or pandas, or even ducklings are, hedgehogs take first prize for all around cuteness. Here are 9 reasons why hedgehogs may be the cutest animals ever

1.  They Make Great Friends

Hedgehogs may seem like they would be unlikely friends, but they are affable little balls of charisma. The prey/predator relationship means nothing in the face of abject cuteness. Just ask this fox!

2. They Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

The amount of trust necessary to allow someone to simply hold you in their hands is unimaginable. A hedgehog’s love is definitely something to hold on to.

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