These Photos Of A Rescued Tortoise & His Best Friend Are Turtley Amazing

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It’s no secret that the internet loves unlikely animal friendships and boy, do we have a cute one for you today. Meet Larry, an African spurred tortoise, and Cricket, a golden retriever. It’s hard to imagine a chill tortoise and an energetic golden retriever being besties, but it happened.

Here’s how these two animal soulmates came together. According to National Geographic, it all started with a trip to the zoo. Christine Hill and her family were at an educational animal center in Santa Barbara, California when they saw something they couldn’t ignore: A tortoise (Larry) being attacked by the other, bigger tortoises in its enclosure.

They voiced their concerns to the staff but were heartbroken to learn that the center planned to let nature take its course — even if that meant a lot of pain for Larry. Christine managed to convince the center to let her take Larry home to her makeshift animal rescue in Palos Verdes (she currently has about 30 animals and says she has a constant rotation of rescues in her care).

Larry was terrified at first — totally normal for an animal entering a strange environment. What finally helped Larry feel at home wasn’t Christine or any of her human relatives, it was the family golden retriever, Cricket.

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